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At High Mountain Financial we believe everyone deserves to have access to unbiased fee-only financial advice custom tailored to suit their unique circumstances.

We also believe what you pay should be totally transparent and agreed upon upfront. Our services are offered with easy to understand flat rate pricing – so you know exactly what you are paying.

No hidden surprises or complicated fee calculations.

As a fiduciary, working with our clients on a fee-only basis allows us to eliminate the conflicts of interest that exist with commission-based fee structures. Because we do not sell commission based products, you can rest assured that our recommendations are made with your best interests in mind.

This ensures we are both on the same side of the table – working together to move forward on your hopes, dreams and goals.


We believe fee-only advice should be available to everyone, regardless of how much money you have accumulated (so far). Our clients come first – we offer transparent pricing with no surprises and different billing options to best meet our clients needs.

We work with clients for both their Financial Planning and Investment Management needs. While clients can choose to work with us for only one service it usually makes sense for most people to work with us for both. Our Comprehensive Wealth Management services combines both Financial Planning and Investment Management into one easily understandable flat fee.


(Financial Planning + Investment Management)

One Time Start-Up and Onboarding Fee – $750

To match the timing of the work being accomplished we initially charge a one-time onboarding fee.

This is where the upfront heavy lifting occurs in the beginning of our relationship – getting you onboarded, gathering documents and data, and of course the actual creation of your plan. During this time, we will have 5 (or more if needed) meetings as we collaborate on your individualized financial plan and begin implementing the agreed upon solutions.

Ongoing Financial Planning – $3,600 – $7,200

(Paid Monthly or Quarterly – At Your Convenience)

Ongoing Financial Planning Fees are paid first at the start of our relationship (prorated) then monthly or quarterly. We will continue to work toward your goals, implementing the remaining agreed upon solutions & ‘course correcting’ as needed.

We will plan on meeting every 3 months (January, May, and September) to ensure we continue to advance towards your goals while making any necessary changes. Ongoing planning meetings – as needed and agreed upon – will allow for implementation, support, and reviewing your progress as we accomplish your goals.

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One Time Fee – $250

Our ask me anything service allows you to get complete and uninterrupted attention with a CFP® professional in a no judgment environment to ask anything that is on mind.

Our fee for this service is a one time payment of $250.

If after our time together you decide you would rather enter a relationship with us involving our Financial Planning services we will credit the $250 payment toward our One Time Onboarding Fee.

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