Group of tents on side of mountain at sunset, backpackers able to afford to live a life they love because of financial planning.



How you spend your time & your money will determine the quality of your life. As a virtual fee only & fiduciary financial advisor I work with people LIKE YOU who love the outdoors. I can save you time and help you grow and protect your wealth while finding more freedom in your lifeMoney Freedom, Time Freedom, and ultimately Mental Freedom.

As “the Outdoor Advisor” I help you “Hike Safely into Retirement”. Working together, we create a customized financial and investment management plan designed to get you what you want out of life.

My clients reach out to me when they are looking for answers to:

✔ How can I plan and save for retirement while still living a life I love NOW?
✔ Am I saving enough? When can I retire? Will I run out of money?
✔ How can I improve my current investment strategy?
✔ Am I taking too much risk with my investments? Am I not taking enough? How do I know?

The landscape has changed for personal finance, retirement planning, and investments and things are only getting more difficult.

My clients come to me because they are tired of putting all their energy into:

❌ Looking at other’s adventures on Instagram instead of living their own
❌ Worrying if their lack of planning will just magically ‘work out’ and they will be ok
❌ Losing money while chasing the latest ‘hot investment’
❌ Trying to figure out when to get in or out of the market
❌ Speculating and gambling with their money instead of investing prudently
❌ Wondering why their ‘professionally built’ portfolio underperforms the market

Within just a few months of working with us, our clients are frequently able to:

? Spend less time worrying about their finances, more time doing what they love
? Feel at ease with a plan designed to get them what they REALLY want out of life
? Rest assured they are taking the right amount of risk with their investments
? Have confidence in their portfolio built with Nobel Prize winning academics
? Enjoy their time off and be more present with their family

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We understand that as an outdoor enthusiast you have dreams, hopes, and goals for the future that are unique and distinct to you and your family. We collaborate with you to create and manage an individualized plan for both time and money that actually works for you – allowing you and your family freedom to enjoy more of those meaningful experiences where lifetime memories are built.

Working together, through comprehensive financial planning and investment management, we will construct a plan designed to help you hit those milestones that get you and your family what you want out of life.

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